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Stashway Foldable Piano Body


The Stashway Foldable Piano Body is a portable stand for my electric keyboard that looks like a grand piano. It folds up into a neat unit, which can be easily transported to my shows, without the need to hire the expensive removal trucks and piano turners which are associated with bringing a “real” grand piano. It gives a classy look to the occasion.


The player will show in this paragraph


During the years that I’ve been working as a pianist, I’ve noticed that there is less appreciation from audiences when playing an electric keyboard as opposed to an acoustic grand piano. The main difference being the visual aspect, so with this in mind my husband and I set out to purchase something as portable as a keyboard that looked like a grand piano.

Fortunately, we found the Stashway.


The Stashway is technically a “Foldable Keyboard Support”, according to the patent. The object of the design is to create a light-weight, easily transportable stand for an electric keyboard that looks like a grand piano.

The Stashway is made from fibreglass with an aluminium frame. It has a wheeled trolley built into its design to make it easier to transport and is strong enough to lean on (although I discourage that).

When the lid is lifted, a picture of the strings inside the body creates a reflection on the underside of the lid, like a real grand piano. 

The name “Stashway” is written across the front of the piano in emulation of “Steinway”.


 Stashway Foldable Piano Body        Stashway Foldable Piano Body        Packing up the Stashway        The Stashway packed up

The Stashway creates a stylish image wherever it’s set up and is ideal for any venue, it can be used in a park, beside a pool, or even for a beach wedding. It adds a touch of class to any occasion.