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Michelle Robertson was born into music.  

Her parents are musical, and her grandparents on both sides, were all musical. In fact Michelle learnt to sing before she could talk! It was therefore impossible for her to escape piano lessons up until her adolescence; a fact that she has no regrets about, as she is now an accomplished pianist and singer-songwriter.

Michelle began her performing career at the age of 9 accompanying her mother on the piano. By the age of 13 she was performing as a keyboard player and back-up vocalist in a rock band.

Although having learnt to read music, Michelle has always had a natural gift for playing by ear and by the age of 11 used this skill to express herself through her song writing.

At the age of 16, Michelle moved with her family from her place of birth in Wollongong to Batlow where she continued song writing and teaching piano. Michelle’s passion for music and a belief in her own musical abilities compelled her to eventually sell her acoustic piano and invest in a PA and electric keyboard to pursue a dream of performing her own work.

Soon after, Michelle’s two younger sisters Linda and Karen joined her to form a trio called The Boardman Sisters. Her sister’s rich harmonies provided a wonderful support for Michelle’s lead vocals. Michelle has written a number of songs, which are available on her debut album with her sisters, simply titled “THE BOARDMAN SISTERS”.

After several very successful years performing with The Boardman Sisters, Michelle’s passion for singing and music brought her to Wagga Wagga, where there was greater opportunity to pursue her solo career.

Michelle is now a well established and renowned performer in around the Wagga area, of the highest calibre, which is evident through her amazing piano skills and harmonious vocals that can be enjoyed at her many solo appearances throughout the area.

Michelle has also been involved in several local shows including; PIANOMAN (Billy Joel Tribute Show), HOT AUGUST NIGHT (Neil Diamond Tribute Show), WAGGA CHRISTMAS SPECTACULAR, WAGGA WAGGA TAKES 2, CHRISTMAS COUNTDOWN, TURN BACK THE HANDS OF TIME and DEANO & JERRY (Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis Tribute). As well as the highly successful sell out production VEGAS on SHOW.

Whether it is at one of her regular Club gigs around Wagga or entertaining on stage in a musical production, Michelle has the skill, the passion and the dedication to create a vibrant atmosphere wherever she performs.